The Days of Yore

I have returned to my first true love, Cycling, (European Pro Cycling)
It was a sport I used to live and breathe back in the mid 80's.
My friends Domenic, Dennis, and Marshall and I were in high school and would go to our local bike shops and admire bikes, frames, equipment and more.

We dreamed of one day riding the cobbles of Roubaix, mountain passes in France, and Italy. We would dream of riding with our heroes. Everyone around us focused on hockey , basketball, baseball, volleyball, and local north american sports, while our true heroes were racing bicycles around Europe, competing in a sport barely recognizable in our home town. We would read about heroes through a publication called "Winning" Magazine. We were certainly a minority in our high school. I could remember our friends telling us stories of a previous night's hockey game, and we would clue out, and fill our head with thoughts of our European warriors.

To many surprise, a U.S. television network, CBS carried great coverage of both Paris Roubaix and The Tour De France. It was the most inspirational coverage, a sport, could ever imagine. Gracing our televisions, were the voices of Phil Liggett and John tesh, who simply made our afternoon. My heroes were of these cyclists, competing and racing through Europe; LeMond, Delgado, Indurain, Hinault, Fignon etc. etc. Now I find returning to my roots so to speak.

I'm saddened to think back at my life and how I dropped this sport for other life events. I got into motorsports and became passionate about Formula One. However, the motorsport passion has come and gone as I re-unite my feelings for cycling. Thanks to La Bicicletta for their inspiration as well.

Before the money and the cars, and the motorsports, I embraced the sport of cycling. It was alwasy good to me. I once again will travel down that road, mindful this time around, never to leave it behind ever again.

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