A 15 year absence

Trying to play catch up after a 15 year absence from the sport of cycling has been overwhelming at times. I find myself bemused, bewildered, even delusional at times. I grasp on to the past, to help guide me. As I journey, I'm witness to a vast evolution which has taken place and now forge ahead and see the future in design and technology of this great sport.

But in retrospect, I find myself achieving the greatest sense of belonging. Belonging to a sport that always been good to me. It feels good reclaiming that sense of belonging.

If there had to be a downside, it would be the daunting task of having to buy everything from clothing and equipment again including a new bike come 2011. That hasn't been easy. The names, the stores and people have changed. Many retired, some passed on. From frame builders, to clothing and component manufacturers, the old guard has been replaced by the new. I'm glad for companies like la bicicletta, racer sportif, and Rapha , as they pay tribute to my heroes of the past, and they certainly have made it easy to recapture that sense of belonging.

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