The Cold Road Ahead

During my long absence from the sport, I had forgotten how unforgiving cycling in the winter can be. At 40 years old now, my resistance to cold has decreased considerably. That has been quite the unpleasant surprise to experience this past week. My biggest enemy is not time, nor age, but WIND ! You don't feel the wind or windchill when you are walking, nor when you are going from Building to Car or vice versa. But you get yourself on a bicycle and you will feel the wrath of winter obstructing you in every shape and form. The hardest part is starting off when your body isn’t warmed up. The frigid temps take a toll on my joints. After this week's riding I found my recovery also needed adjusting. As soon as I got in, I reached for the A-535 and worked it into my legs, as a fast as I could to delay that onset of pain and soreness. I'm slowing starting to see my limits in the cold. I am grateful for the advances in technology towards winter clothing to minimize the damage. From jackets, to base layers, to booties, and gloves, every item has improved which make it easier for "old guys"like me to survive cycling on these cold days. Its going to take me a little while longer to figure out what works in the cold and what doesn't. But I hope to have some decent mileage under my belt before the real stuff begins in January/February.

Merce , Marshall are you reading ? Hamilton Mountain here we come !

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