The Legend of L'Alpe d'Huez

Probably the most glorious stage of the Tour de France. All the climbers want to win it. Its like the Monaco GP for Tour de France stages. It may not be the highest, nor the steepest but definitely the most famous.

Just outside of a town called Bourg D'oisans, L'Alpe d'H'uez has played host to the tours most epic battles between riders. I can remember that historic day in 1986 when Greg LeMond and Bernard Hinault climbed it and crossed the line together, or Marco Pantani's record mad dash up the mountain top back in 1997.

There are 21 hairpin switch backs which keep you out of your saddle to maintain your rhythm. Its a stage where the crowds are thickest and people go absolutely nuts as they wait for their heroes to ride by. Some even get in the way. The gradient is supposedly not the steepest but many are in a 39 x 20's! Wow! that's pretty steep for me. Many cyclists dream of riding up this famous Tour de france climb.

Hopefully one day I can live the dream and climb this legend.

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