A Pinarello for Roubaix is a Pinarello for me!

Okay so I caved and am now contemplating one of the newer designed "aero" road bikes. For good reason though and here’s why.

Its the 2010 Pinarello KOBH Team Sky Edition. Being a current Pinarello owner, I am certainly partial to them. I'm currently riding Pedro Delgado's 1988 Tour de France winning frame.

Pinarello have huge racing pedigree and even after almost two decades, they are still very prevalent in the pro peloton today, whereas Colnago appear to have taken a hiatus. I don't know if that's temporary. Regardless, this says something for all those who think Colnago is a step up from Pinarello. It appears the tables have turned? Yes the times have changed? The era of Pinarello has returned. They have re-invented themselves and have catapulted to the top of the road bike scene. Pinarello’s Dogma frame and design was so revolutionary that it won the Best Road bike Overall category in the 2010 Editors’ Choice Award from Bicycling Magazine, considered the Oscars of the cycling world.

With the introduction of the KOBH,(KOBH is pronounced "cob", short for cobblestones), Pinarello takes the amazing form of the Dogma Carbon and re-fashions it for the worst of the Spring Classic pavé. So you know that will be my choice.

The frame was developed from Pinarello's highly successful past. In 2007, the Paris Carbon won. In 2008, the Prince won. In 2009, the Prince again won , and in 2010, the Dogma has won.

With this outstanding record, I would be crazy not to consider another Pinarello for 2011. But I fear Pinarello's price tag. I think it may be out of my range. So lurking in the wings is a Ridley Damocle and Helium which may take 1st place. Stay tuned for that post.

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