Conquering the Col du Galibier

If there is one mountain climb in the French Alps which scares me, its this one. However, along with the fear , brings great anticipation of suffering up this great mountain like the past champions of the Tour. The Galibier has been a part of the Tour de France over 50 times. What makes it so unique is the actual route. Its actually 2 cols in 1. The Col du Galibier can only be reached after you summit the Col du Telegraphe, (see the last photo) which makes it one of toughest climbs in cycling history at 35km (That's over 15 times the Scarborough Bluffs length)winding upwards towards a steep uphill finish. (see the first photo) The summit at the Galibier peaks at a astonishing 8,000 ft. Most amateur cyclists who have ridden this route, take about 3-4 hours in a 39 x 2x combo. Many don’t have enough left in the tank to concentrate for the high speed icy cold decent back down this mountain. I certainly hope I do.

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  1. Anita Jagassar2/02/2011

    15 times the Scarborough Bluffs!?!?!?