A Mt. Ventoux kinda Morning

I woke up this morning with visions of riding up the Giant of Provence today. As I clipped into my pedals and began spinning I was overcome with visions of this epic mountain top finish in the Tour de France. I can hear the sounds of Yanni and the commentary by Phil Liggett in the background as I power up this climb. I picture my hands grabbing my handlebar hoods to elevate me out of the saddle to maintain my rhythm. As I dance on the pedals I'm envisioning catching Andy Hampsten who started minutes ahead of me on the climb. I pull up next to him pat him on the left thigh as a nice gesture , and continue powering my way up the mountain. I look back at him and he's in a lot of trouble trying to find pace. He's reached his limit, on this unforgiving mountain. The switchback increases in grade steepness, I sit back down farthest back on my seat, hoping to be efficient as possible as I spin up this mountain. I can see the top now. I reach the summit and take a moment to catch my breath. I look back down at Provence from this misty mountain top, and revel in my accomplishment. Wow what a great start to my day !

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