The Chicken Is Back !

I am so happy that Michael Rasmussen is back in the professional peloton riding for Christina Watches. They have taken over Bianchi M1's UCI licence.

I think back in 2007 he got a raw deal from the UCI, the Rabobank Cycling Team and a Dutch Bank wanting to keep out of public scrutiny. He was removed from the 2007 Tour and banished out of cycling. Why ? He missed doping tests prior to the Tour. Big whup??? Over the 7 straight wins, so did Lance ? The ever corrupt UCI continue to make ridicule of the great sport of cycling. Rasmussen wasn't found guilty of doping, he wasn't positive in any test during the tour. The UCI based all their findings on his whereabouts a month prior. Again, Lance missed tests during his wins, and there was no removal from the tour ? How is that fair ? When push came to shove, the team, the Bank sponsor simply turned their back on him. He had told both of his Director Sportif (DS's) his whereabouts. He was told to lie by his team DS's, Breukink and DeRooy. They organised his training schedule, but who took the fall ? Rasmussen and team Rabobank were simply not in the UCI's "preferred team" category as U.S. Postal was. Rabobank should have sent over $$ and all would have been covered up. The UCI's ruling is that the "top riders" have to report their exact location, 365 days a year. Any changes in their whereabouts had to be specified in advance.

The UCI really wanted to flex their muscle and make a mockery out of the Tour organization. For the life of me, I don't know why the Dutch Cycling Union announced to pull Rasmussen out of the tour while he was in the yellow jersey ??? Why even allow him to start the tour ? Rasmussen never tested positive for doping, but he lost everything, his victory in the Tour, his job, and possibly his career. However, if he had been riding for U.S. Postal, I am 100% positive, he would have enjoyed his first Tour victory.

I am one fan, that is certainly glad the chicken is back!

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