A Good Year

A Good Year

No, not discussing one of my favourite movies, but in another sense, 2011 will be "A Good Year." My wife and I will be travelling to France to ride the cobbles and the cols come September. I will be fulfilling a long time dream of mine. We are currently training to tackle but also enjoy riding some of the greatest Tour de France stages in history. From Paris, we will head north to Roubaix, then back down to the Alps. We will ride, Mont Ventoux, L'Alpe D'Huez, and the Col du Galibier. From there, we finish up in Nice. It is truly going to be a mind blowing experience to me. Every day I wake up and imagine myself dancing on the pedals as I ride up a mountain pass or enjoy the tranquility and serenity of Northern France. I can't wait ! But in the mean time, its back to training and building our base miles.


  1. Hi Simon,
    I stumbled across your blog after reading Michael Barry's blog and saw your comments.
    I rode Alpe D'Huez in July 2008 while on a short holiday to France with my wife. There is a lovely warm up ride through a valley to a town called La Berarde not that far from the base of L'Alpe that I did as a warm up. You seem like a knowledgeable and capable cyclist - it shouldn't be an issue for you. You WILL be climbing, however, it's completely unlike the torture you'll go through climbing D'Huez. Here's the link to my blog post so you can read about it:

  2. Thanks for the advice Craig. La Berarde seems like the perfect start.