Happy New Year! Welcome 2011 !

Happy New Year!

As a decade closes, the year 2011 starts off with a big bang for me. 2011 is going to be one monumental year if not thee most memorable year of my entire life. My wife and I have formalized our goal to ride the cobbles (Roubaix) and cols (Tourmalet, Galibier, Ventoux,)in France in late August. Our training and strict diet has already begun. Of course there will be a few significant compromises along the way, but it will be worth it, when we are ascending these great mountain stages of the Tour de France. We will begin our training in the hills of Scarborough/Markham, the Bluffs and then continuing in the Hamilton mountain area. As well, I can finally see my new bike on the horizon. Will it be Specialized? or will it be Focus ? or will it be something else? In a few more months, my body type will dictate which frame I sit best on, and it will blogged right here. Its going to be a cycling filled 2011. I am filled with excitement and anticipation in the coming months. I am currently attaining as much base mileage as I can get. As the weeks unfold, hopefully I can get longer and longer rides in.

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