How Steep is Mt Ventoux you ask ?

I finally found a photo that shows the steepness of Alpine stages in the Tour de France. Just click the photo to get an enlargement.
Most of the time, watching the Tour De France, the viewer does not get a sense of how steep these mountain climbs are ? Twenty to thirty kilometers of this kind of steepness is really something we the viewers cannot appreciate. Can you imagine riding the distance from the CN Toronto to Mississauga constantly uphill ? at this steepness ? with these hairpin bends ? with the typical Ventoux swirling winds pushing you back ??? Yes, that's the Giant of Provence and this is suffering on a bike. Day in and day out the Tour riders have to contend with this kind of punishment. This picture gives you the kind of steepness and grade these riders face. I’ve been trying to find a picture to really show it and this one does. On TV however, you see these guys in 39 x 25 or even 39 x 27’s and it seems they are barely moving. Well this is why. When the gradient is this steep, this is what you can expect. Oh I can’t wait !!!

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