HP, a supporter and sponsor of cycling

For those who have been around the sport of cycling for a long time, know how difficult sponsorship is to attain. Cycling is sport that it witness to sponsorship in a "one hit wonder" basis. In other words, "here today gone tomorrow" type of mentality. There are very few companies outside of actual bicycle manufacturers, and component manufacturers, who have maintained long standing partnerships and affiliations with cycling teams around the globe. You have companies that are directly and indirectly linked to the sport of cycling, of which one of those is the global giant, HP (Hewlett-Packard). What ? HP involved in cycling ? Yes, I'll forgive you if your eyebrows are raised in astonishment. Many people are not even aware of HP's involvement in professional cycling. Furthermore, many people don't even know they have their own cycling club based out of Houston, Texas. But first I'd like to acknowledge this company for their involvement in pro cycling.

HP sponsor a UCI professional team in 2011, the Skil-Shimano Cycling Team based in the Netherlands. This team is not a professional outfit that will ride the big tours but they will travel the globe, compete in lesser known stage and local races around Europe and do travel as total professional outfit. HP will supply all of their computer infrastructure for the team. So kudos to HP Europe for helping out. You can check out their website Click Here .

On the other side of the pond, back in 2008-2009 HP sponsored an entire womens track team, HP Teschner Track Team . ) You can see from their jerseys that HP played a more direct role. Emerging out of this team, was the successful women cyclist Rochelle Gilmore who is the 2011 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist in the women's road race. I'll forgive you if you think by the mere mention of her name that I am talking about a porn actress. Well that is not the case. Rochelle Gilmore is a serious professional womens cyclist now riding for another sponsored team.

Amidst their billion dollar global platform, HP allowed their Houston office an employee cycling club. With all HP's negative press most recently, I'm here to give them some acknowledgment. What company do you know sponsors a "cycling club" in this day and age of difficult economic times. If you find one, send me an email please. It is hard enough to get sponsorship for the most minor of company teams, and this HP Houston office not only have their club, their own website , but an online shop where you can purchase good quality club jerseys and bib shorts ! wow ! Click Here . Kudos to the HP Houston office and again, I have to raise my glass to them for their effort in organizing such a site. I'm all about company cycling clubs. But this HP Houston office, have definitely raised bar, as they have one of the most organized company/employee cycling clubs I've ever seen. I was really surprised and taken back by the effort of this club. From their website, to having an online shop, proves to me, there are some dedicated HP employees out there. They have shown dedication to cycling and have shown excellent organization skills in creating such a club. If I ever make to Houston, I'll be sure to pack my bike and hopefully attend a club ride with them. I hope they keep up the good work. I am so impressed that I will make every effort to support them by wearing their cycling kit this spring/summer. Hats off to the HP Houston office and their commitment to cycling.

-Simon Jagassar

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