Most likely another Focus for 2011

Well the new year is upon us and I've done some more soul searching. My decision is almost made, but a Focus bike is heavily favoured over all others that I've mentioned in previous posts. It will take a significant turn of events to persuade me otherwise. There are just such compelling circumstances that are making my decision that much easier as the days go by. They make outstanding bicycles. Have un-equalled frame design. They are in the professional peloton (formerly with Team Milram, this year with Katusha). Focus have done cobblestone testing in the Arenberg Forest. They have shown their technology works internationally and in all stages of racing. They are not popular in North America like those big box brands. You wont' see many of them in the GTA. As well, they have aligned themselves with Rapha who are one of my favourite companies. The Rapha-Focus team is a cyclo-cross team and simply is an excellent amalgamation of two companies in my view. With all this, I'm just drawn to a Focus more than ever. So now there is a greater "focus" on things come spring 2011. :-)

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