Training Route "B" for 2011 - The Bluffs

Back in the late 80’s I used to ride down to this Scarborough Bluffs area, and go and up and down this section multiple times. Its almost 2kms of pure torture as you climb it. Back in the day, I had to turn a slightly higher gear as I had a 42 chain ring. This year, I will be in a 39. So it will be much anticipated as to how I maintain a rhythm using the 39 x 20’s combo. The key is to try to get into a steady rhythm and maintain it for the climb, in and out of the saddle. Its also a great hill to test the change of gearing as there are some parts which are steeper than others. Now if this were only 15 times longer, then I’d be surely simulating a Col in France.. Oh I can’t wait to quote Eric Heiden....” the hills are reeeeaaaally steeeeep..”

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