2011 – The age of "Allowable Micro Dosing " in Pro Cycling ?

With the recent decision to allow Alberto Contador to return to racing, sets a really bad precedent in my view. I guess the sport of cycling is now saying its okay if you have a little bit of dope inside of you, we’ll carry on. Does this mean, that fellow cyclists, can now use Contador's case to make the argument that the doses found in their system are small and therefore should not be admissible ? I guess we are officially in the age of micro-dosing ? In other words, we are officially in the world of allowing doping. I guess the next stage is legalizing epo and other such products and let the pharma companies battle it out while using the pro cyclists as lab rats ? Maybe make Floyd Landis a director to director the controls ? Cycling is headed down the road of the Vince McMahon days of the WWF. An utter joke.

Alberto Contador tested positive in four different controls for a banned substance. His penalty should be two years, no questions asked. The fact that he is now allowed to resume riding, simply furthers the notion, that there are different standards for different riders. I feel sorry for the likes of Michael Rasmussen and others who were so mistreated and didn’t even test positive. Will the UCI step in and make it right ? I doubt it. The corruptness that has over taken this sport has truly reached a new low level . This is a step backwards for cycling and any attempt to provide an ethical sporting environment has now gone right down the toilet.

A ban is a ban, he had a banned substance in his system bottom line. It shouldn’t matter where it came from. Its in his system, and he should be banned from the sport. WADA and the UCI have shown their corruption and incompetence that allowed a Spanish Cycling Federation overrule any WADA decision. But the message is clear, doping is necessary to be a champion and the sanctioning bodies are only interested in ensuring that the show must go on, as they get to pick and choose who is guilty and who isn’t. It also is a foreshadowing of another popular cyclist in the media as of late. As a result of this case, it looks like he too will become like teflon and will laugh at the world.

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