Greatest day for Canadian Cycling, Hampsten Collapses

Back in 1988, this was a historic A'lpe D'Huez stage for Perico, who set a murderous pace up the mountain. It was the early days of "dutch doping" which made Steven Rooks a hero over Gert Jan. Many of us shook our head at the collapse of Andy Hampsten being as bad as it was. How bad you ask ? Well, allowing a sprinter to pass a hill climber in the mountains was and still is the ultimate form of embarrassment. Even Phil Liggett pointed it out.

At 1:48 yanni's score is just so perfect with Liggett's voice.
At 5:09 - Tesh's "brain dead weasel" in the background is just CBS perfection
At 6:07 - Hampsten spitting on a fan, dumb idiot showing his classless ways.
At 6:46 - Hampsten's ultimate collapse as he allows a bigger ,chunkier sprinter to pass him. Hampsten should have called it a day right then and there. I just love Liggett's commentary, really sticking it to Hampsten. Ha ha
At 8:24 - "No one knew where Andy Hampsten would finish" LOL ! Oh man, one of the greatest collapses in sport history

I will ride it later this year, it is these great memories which will help me propel up this mountain. Who knows, maybe I'll go faster than Hampsten as well.. LOL !

I think this was Bauer's greatest day. Wearing the yellow jersey and in over his head really. I can't believe a man of his "body type" propelled so well up the mountains of the '88 tour. But it was a tour that had minimal amount of days in the mountains compared to today's standards. I think we'll never see another "easy" tour as it was considered back in the day. Regardless, Bauer rode it like a true champion.

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