La Bicicletta, - top podium in my books !

After a 15 year absence from the sport, I re-kindled my passion for cycling. I am glad I made that decision. Getting back into the sport, hasn’t been easy. I’m older, and a lot heavier. But I’m hoping over time, I can regain some sort of fitness level I used to have. During my consideration back into the sport, I obviously had to consider what shop I’d like to be affiliated with. Almost every cyclist on the planet has some affiliation to some local bike shop. Its quite important to develop this type of business relationship as you need proper service, and you need proper advice , as cycling can be a sport of extreme precision and feel.

La Bicicletta have been a major source of my inspiration. The first day I walked into the store, I felt like that teenage kid again, who was crazy about Bernard Hinault and Greg LeMond back in the mid 80’s. Back in the mid 80's I was a club rider with affiliation to stores that were true to road racing. Well the times have changed, the stores have lessened in numbers, but I can honestly say La Bicicletta is by far the best in the GTA. Its place where one often goes "..Wow? .." at a bike, or at a display cabinet. It is also a place that takes pride in their store. Their level of expertise and excellent quality of products to choose from, really put them in a “niche” category. From the walls, to the showroom, to the FiT room, its exudes passion for cycling. They have a small core of staff who exemplify excellent customer service. From the time you walk in, to the time you depart, you will always be handled with the utmost of courtesy.

I often forget these guys are in the retail business, as its not run like your typical run of the mill retail environment. Every member of the staff are always friendly, courteous , knowledgeable and generally seem to care, which is rare in today’s retail sector. So much has changed and cycling technology has gotten so much better. They have surely helped me bridge the gap from over a decade of lost time. They are passionate about the sport and it is evident everywhere in the store. I'm pleasantly surprised to see a store so true to a sport in today's world. I’m also pleasantly surprised, they have entered the digital age of computing. They have a good website offering online ordering and they respond to emails. I am certainly proud to be affiliated with this store. So anyone who's into the sport of Road Cycling, do yourself a favour and go say hello to the folks at La Bicicletta.

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