My 1st month Weigh In – My Transition has begun

In the past 3 years I have spent my energy focusing on developing a “hockey player” body type which is a more muscular upper body with trunks for legs. In my hockey community, league and team, there is no serious commitment to fitness nor diet? Its just a few bursts on the ice and you go have beer and wings in a bar afterwards. Most of the guys, even “the really good” players, have the largest of pot bellies I’ve seen! I found myself, getting fatter which was acceptable for hockey. It’s a sport that allows for “slips” in diet, (sugars, starches, fats) and allows for less stringent training. I don’t know why, but you can be the worst drinker and smoker , guzzle sugars, eat tons of carbs and fat, have a muffin top, or a huge ponch, and still be good on the ice ! I can’t explain these guys ? I assume the skating and ice allows those unhealthy ways to be hidden ? I assume naturally they are simply made up of more “fast twitch” vs guys like me who are made up of more “slow twitch”muscle fibres. So, as I transition out of hockey and back into cycling, all of this lackadaisical and non attention to diet, and training has stopped. I was leading an unhealthy lifestyle, thinking it was healthy. Having any kind of extra belly weight hinders any cyclist, especially on the hills.

My journey back to cycling, has me having to work doubly hard as I have to first “undo” the P90x muscular style, and get back to my “skinny” , “uber thin” body type. I am seeking a return to my true “ectomorph” body type of when I was a club rider. Should I decide to race in the masters category in 2012, I have to even more regimented. It is not easy. I know what it takes and am focused on doing so. My typical days and weeks now, consist of constantly checking my calorie intake, and monitoring my duration and heart rate when training. During my journey back into cycling, I noticed how “skeletal “ the Pros have become. Wow ! I don’t know how they produce such power from such frail bodies. I’m not going to reduce to that extreme, but shall return to ‘uber thin’ to hopefully kick some ass on the hills during club rides. A good indicator of a true cyclist/endurance athlete is look at their neck and collar bone region down to their torso. They are “tiny” figures. Look at our their jerseys and shirts “hang off them.” It’s a dead give away. They are almost funny looking , almost “alien-like” with their larger head, supported by this skinny , bony neck area. Those are the serious guys to watch out for on the rides.

I feel a sense of homecoming as I transition out of hockey and back into cycling. 2011 has started off in the right gear. Vive le Tour.

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