My New Lemon

You really get what you pay for in the sport of Cycling. If you go cheap, you're really gonna get poor quality, bottom line. In going the cheap route, you really run the risk of something or some piece of technology frustrating you, and eventually not working or breaking down. If you want something to last, and want good quality, you HAVE TO PAY for it. Its that simple.

Case in point, my indoor trainer. Before the winter hit, I decided to cheap out and get a Minoura Indoor trainer. Big mistake ! I now have semi broken trainer after months and many hours of riding on it. It was significantly cheaper than the Kurt Kinetic, and that's why I bought it. Lesson learned. I should have purchased the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. My Minoura is now like that old German car which constantly broke down.

I am now in that "constantly breaking down world" again, this time not with my car, but with my indoor trainer. Because of my cheapness, I now have to constantly deal with slipping, resistance and placement issues. I am struggling to find my rhythm every time I ride. So now I have all of this setup /tweaking to do before I can get a so-so ride in. Frustrating to say the least. On top of everything else, I have to be mindful of these plaguing problems, during every ride. These distractions prevent me from the spinning properly and getting into a good rhythm. This will no doubt decrease my winter base mileage. I’m back to owning a lemon unfortunately. I must reiterate, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Here's what I should have bought.

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