Riding with Team Leopard Trek

Stu Bowers is a journalist for Cycling Weekly. Recently he had a chance to ride with Team Leopard Trek in Mallorca Spain. He had the most interesting of obversations.

Feeling like a fatty, says Stu Bowers;
Being six foot and 65kg (143 lbs) I'm usually the one bearing the brunt of the ‘stick legs' jokes, and rarely have I ever felt like I could do with shedding some weight, but riding among some of these guys I felt like a proper porker. The Schlecks are one thing, both brothers look pretty skeletal, but Brice Feillu, unsurprisingly one of the team's climbers, looked even more skeletal ?

As my dear ol' dad used to say, I've seen more meat on a butcher's pencil. Being able to push 53 x 11's and 12's at 65Km/h begs to ask the question, where does all that pedalling power come from ? Is Brice the new chicken ?

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