Yes Eric, the "Hills are Really Steeep!"

Back in '86, I must have watched this CBS tour coverage a few thousand times. It brings back great memories of the juggernaut La Vie Claire team, Hinault and LeMond. But it also brings the memories of the 7-Eleven team who were the laughing stock of the European teams. They were mocked and ridiculed from day one. Unfortunately, these guys had to pay the price, but paved the way for Lance.
Surprising to think, Chris Carmichael came from being a "little scared" to being the coach behind 7 tour wins. Carmichael and Shapiro barely making it up the steep climbs. Grewal coming back 50 ? I wonder if he remembers this footage ?
Our boy Alex Steida's harmonica playing was definitely not "Juno" material. I think he holds the record for the shortest amount of time in the maillot jaune. Got it the morning, and lost it badly later that same afternoon. From hero to zero in one day. wow ! A disaster of a team time trial.Yes, the tour was more cruel back then.

At 4:37, a great musical score, Tesh's voice, and Eric Heiden's famous quote. And all of this happening behind Steve Bauer, as he zoomed past them riding for La Vie Claire.
At 6;09, the sadness of the Tour - I wonder if Taylor ever saw this footage of his dad Davis suffering during this tour ?

But, without these pioneers, (and Jock Boyer), who suffered the pain and embarrassment of the European press, there would be no Lance. Yes, Eric I know the hills are really steep but I too will see my limits come September.

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