Time to focus on the BMI

Yes its that popular term used in today's professional cycling world. BMI (body mass index) Here's a site to calculate your BMI.

Here's a Chart to see where you are.

Interesting Pros BMI's

Andy Schleck: 6′1″, 140 lbs BMI =18.5 down from 19.66 for 2011.
Rasmussen (BMI=19.5)
Laiseka (BMI=18.6)
Wiggans (BMI=19.9)
Contador: 19.37
Gesink: 19.45


Surprised to see the pros using LeMond Trainer

It looks awkward, too little, and I'm not a fan of them. (sorry Greg if you're reading this) I'm surprised a pro team like Garmin-Cervelo have gone toward this ?

From Green into the Grey – The upcoming first ride of the year

Yes that first ride outdoors is soon approaching. I have grown accustomed to the routine of work, eat and ride on my Green Monster (Kurt Kinetic Road Machine) in front of the television. But the time has finally come to cut the umbilical cord of the Green Monster and CTS DVD’s and venture outdoors.

I think every cyclist looks forward to the first ride of the year with a sense of anticipation and eagerness. I however, am nervous and cautiously optimistic in my abilities. I attempt to venture out this weekend for what will be my first REAL ride outdoors after months of indoor riding. I won't have Chris Carmichael nor Troy Jacobson to cheer me on. Instead I will have the wind, weather conditions and memories of my past form. I am embarking on a rigorous regiment of new routes for 2011 as preparation, so hopefully my legs, body and lungs can withstand it.

My nervousness comes from being in the "grey area." I have no idea where I am condition wise ? I do know my resting heart rate has gone down but that's about it. I will start off nice and easy along my favourite tarmac Reesor Road going from Scarborough to Stouffville. My good friend Marshall looks to be in top form heading into the 2011 season, as he's gotten his BMI down to almost a pro riders level. I can only imagine what kind of shape my friend Dennis (Jens Voigt look alike) is in, as he claims he only needs a few weeks to get back into shape before we tackle the Hamilton Mountain later this summer. Is my over weight going to hold me back ? Am I going to be that behind ? Am I going to have to hang onto their wheels ? Just some of the thoughts that will be going through my mind as I venture from the Green into the Grey.


The Ronde 2011

Its the Tour of Flanders this Sunday, which means Paris Roubaix is just around the corner the following Sunday. The Ronde is short for Ronde de Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders) which is Belgium's biggest and greatest race. But it is so much more than a bike race. It is a social phenomenon, a cultural and national event. France obviously has the Tour and Roubaix, Italy has the Giro d’Italia. Flanders is Belgium's crowned jewel. I can't wait to watch it this weekend LIVE !!! It is one of my favourites. The beautiful backdrop of Belgium with cobbled hills make it truly one of a kind. The riders follow a course that turns and twists over short steep hills in a mostly flat Flanders countryside. The crucial point in the race is the dreaded and most feared Koppenberg climb. Its really after 170Km does the race really start. My mind will be in Belgium this weekend.

Its official, a Focus Izalco for 2011 !

Yes folks, its official. I just ordered a Focus Izalco for 2011. I just had my fitting from my favourite store La Bicicletta and finalized the details. It has been a huge relief knowing what I'll be riding this spring. After all the winter months of debating, the jury is finally out and the verdict came down. I am quite happy with the end result. Now its really time to FOCUS !!!


The hottest looking bike I've seen to date

What do you get when you mix Formula One technology with Professional Cycling technology ? You get this masterpiece, the Specialized Venge. Bravo Specialized!


My Green Monster - The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

What a difference a trainer makes ! Wow !

After having problems with my current magnetic trainer, I decided it was time to make the step up to something better. But what ? I looked at the CycleOps jet fluid but the quality wasn't there. I looked at the Tackx Sartori, and Fortius systems, but those require small bank loans. So there was only one option for me, and it was the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. Kurt Kinetic really have a winner here and I truly believe they are the industry standard for fluid trainers.

I recently picked up a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and couldn't be happier riding indoors again. I am astonished at the smoothness and feel. I did not believe it until I actually rode it. I have been using the cheaper Magnetic trainers for many years now (Nashbar, Minoura) and had no idea the dramatic improvement in technology in this "fluid trainer group." I went from the days "wind" to "magnetic" and did not think the "fluid" trainers would be this good. But the Kinetic Road Machine hugely exceeded my expectations in setup, build, and smoothness overall. Its frame design is so robust, so well built, and extremely smooth. Riding out of the saddle, you have no lateral movement whatsover.
It is a completely different feel from the magnetic ones. The folks at Kinetic have truly raised the bar.

After reading the instructions and a bit of tinkering, I think I have the perfect tension set up . This was a lot easier than I thought. Overall, I do find it slightly more difficult to pedal. Why ? The resistance increases the harder you pedal, ensuring a harder workout the harder you work. On the mag trainer I was spinning 52 x 14 @ 90rpms and could easily get into a “tempo” zone. But with the Kurt Kinetic, I can barely keep tempo in a 52 x 17 ???? Its been a humbling experience to say the least. The mag trainer gave me a false sense of my condition which I’m not happy about. My Spinerval efforts are completely off and are so much harder to get through now. So the only negative thing I have to say is that I feel as if I'm starting my winter base mile training all over again : -( This trainer literally has me working harder all the way through my session. Its like having Troy Jacobson standing right over me. I literally have to teach my legs how to turn over big gears again.

The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is by far the best "cycling investment" I've made to date. I absolutely love it and actually look forward to my indoor training sessions now. I can't believe I wasted all this time on magnetic trainers, thinking I was able to push higher gears. I've made the move to fluid and am never going back. I have to admit though, my magnetic trainer was quieter. Wind and magnetic trainers are not even close to this kind of quality, build, and road feel. Its literally like NIGHT and DAY. I guarantee you will be blown away by the difference. I honestly, did not think it would be this dramatic, but it is. Kurt Kinetic have really raised the bar with indoor trainers. I can't wait for my next one! Minnesota gave us the greatest cyclist of our time in Greg LeMond and now they give us Kurt Kinetic, the greatest indoor trainer of our time. I guarantee you, once you go Fluid, you won't go back !