From Green into the Grey – The upcoming first ride of the year

Yes that first ride outdoors is soon approaching. I have grown accustomed to the routine of work, eat and ride on my Green Monster (Kurt Kinetic Road Machine) in front of the television. But the time has finally come to cut the umbilical cord of the Green Monster and CTS DVD’s and venture outdoors.

I think every cyclist looks forward to the first ride of the year with a sense of anticipation and eagerness. I however, am nervous and cautiously optimistic in my abilities. I attempt to venture out this weekend for what will be my first REAL ride outdoors after months of indoor riding. I won't have Chris Carmichael nor Troy Jacobson to cheer me on. Instead I will have the wind, weather conditions and memories of my past form. I am embarking on a rigorous regiment of new routes for 2011 as preparation, so hopefully my legs, body and lungs can withstand it.

My nervousness comes from being in the "grey area." I have no idea where I am condition wise ? I do know my resting heart rate has gone down but that's about it. I will start off nice and easy along my favourite tarmac Reesor Road going from Scarborough to Stouffville. My good friend Marshall looks to be in top form heading into the 2011 season, as he's gotten his BMI down to almost a pro riders level. I can only imagine what kind of shape my friend Dennis (Jens Voigt look alike) is in, as he claims he only needs a few weeks to get back into shape before we tackle the Hamilton Mountain later this summer. Is my over weight going to hold me back ? Am I going to be that behind ? Am I going to have to hang onto their wheels ? Just some of the thoughts that will be going through my mind as I venture from the Green into the Grey.

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