The Ronde 2011

Its the Tour of Flanders this Sunday, which means Paris Roubaix is just around the corner the following Sunday. The Ronde is short for Ronde de Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders) which is Belgium's biggest and greatest race. But it is so much more than a bike race. It is a social phenomenon, a cultural and national event. France obviously has the Tour and Roubaix, Italy has the Giro d’Italia. Flanders is Belgium's crowned jewel. I can't wait to watch it this weekend LIVE !!! It is one of my favourites. The beautiful backdrop of Belgium with cobbled hills make it truly one of a kind. The riders follow a course that turns and twists over short steep hills in a mostly flat Flanders countryside. The crucial point in the race is the dreaded and most feared Koppenberg climb. Its really after 170Km does the race really start. My mind will be in Belgium this weekend.

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