A Cyclist's Dietary Nightmare – Sugar

Yes, its sweet, we put it in our coffee, we eat it and it makes us feel good. However, continued consumption of it, means "stored fat," which for cyclists means poor performance especially on hills.

There are two ways that sugar can sabotage your body and cause fat storage. Excess glucose is the first problem. The excess sugar we give our bodies is converted by the liver, and then goes into the form of FAT.

The second is excess insulin. When the body has to deal with excess sugar, it uses insulin to help it adapt. The body's fat burning process is shut down so that the sugar that has just been ingested can be immediately used for energy. Insulin takes all that sugar and puts it into your muscles and when those muscle stores are full, the excess sugars are converted to ??? Yes you guessed right, FAT.

I have been consuming too much sugar and have been trying to find a solution to my "sweet tooth" which rears it ugly head every now and then. Normally I would reach for a chocolate bar, or Nutella spread on bread. Not anymore. I thought the way to go would be fruit. However, many fruits have natural sugars which do contain too much sugar. As well I stopped drinking Tropicana as believe or not, it contains more sugar than coke zero !!!

So enter chromium picolinate as the alternative. It supposed to make you crave less sugar and help maintain healthy glucose levels. We'll see how I fair in the next few months.

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