My CycleFilm review

“Markus is a brilliant director, bringing real life to the screen .” -Simon Jagassar 2011

“Mike Cotty is masterful in his unique narration.” - Simon Jagassar 2011

Later this year, I will journey on my pilgrimage to France. My wife and I are planning to ride the great Cols of France, the Col du Galibier, L’Alpe D’Huez and Mont Ventoux. During my research, I stumbled upon some YouTube footage of CycleFilm. I posted a blog about CycleFilm earlier without actually owning the DVD's as was amazed and awestruck by this type of recon film. Now having owned two of them, I'm more captivated than ever. CycleFilm make real life documentaries, in a more “how to” format. They are informative recon videos for riding up Cols. So for anyone wanting to know how to ride and experience what the pros do, you now have a front row seat with their DVD sets. Its not your typical probing documentary to evoke some of action or emotion, it simply gives you the viewer , the goods, plain and simple. It is a must see for any cyclist interested in riding the cols.

The format , the program and the casting is spot on. I don’t know where they found Mike Cotty, but I think he could easily join Phil and Paul in the commentary booth. Mike Cotty is the perfect choice. He’s the rider giving us the viewers, the information needed to ride these mountain Cols. He speaks very well, very eloquently, and appears to be a natural when it comes to this type of commentary.

Following Mike Cotty in these films is like watching a casual training ride of a rider, as he narrates the entire route for you. Not only do you get insight on how to ride these cols, but you get glimpses into the towns of which you may stay at and even the stores along the route. Mike Cotty is brilliant in that he’s not only your tour guide but is more of a coach. I was amazed at the quality of the cinematography and the technology used as its very, very good. I can see and hear the commentary by Mike Cotty very well.

Markus and his team truly show their love for this sport and show they are not only pioneers in this industry, but innovators. I think CycleFilm own this segment of the market as no one does it better. I think they found a "niche market" here as there is nothing like it in the world of cycling documentaries.

In the years to come you’ll say "tour recon film" or “cycling documentary” and Markus' name will be mentioned front and center. It has been a joy to converse with him on different social media right up to my ordering of dvd's. His work has truly been a source of my inspiration for my pilgrimage later this year. Who knows, maybe his labour of love will inspire me to finally quit my 9-5 job and pursue the world of cycling behind the scenes ? It certainly feeds my desire to live in Europe even more so.

The world of professional cycling does not have many documentary film makers. Over the years, there have been a few that stood out in my mind. CycleFilm have certainly carved their niche among the best. I believe CycleFilm has spawned a new era of Cycling Film makers out there. Who knows, maybe this will inspire someone to finally create a weekly cycling show as they do for hockey in my country? There is so much potential to take it another level that I'm sure Markus and his team have already discussed. I hope one day they make a recon for Paris Roubaix or other Spring classics. I intend to buy every DVD offered by CycleFilm one day and have a CycleFilm night at my place. Of course I'll be cooking and you’re invited :-)

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