Paris Roubaix - A Great Quote

When I read this description, it takes me back to the days watching CBS's coverage of Paris Roubaix in 1987. The opening scene conducted by this magical musical score had begun, and one of the greatest narratives I've ever been privy to. At the time I did not think much of this quote , but now I look back and it speaks volumes about the race, the riders and the region. It’s a quote that transcends through time.

John Tesh describes Paris Roubaix in 1987;

Thousands line the road in this annual rite of spring cheering their larger than life heroes. Urging, at times, even helping them victory. They ride in the tracks of bygone legends dreaming of distant fame and glory. But glory is not without a price.

These bloodied and battered warriors struggle through the rain, the cold, the mud, on roads better suited to oxen cart than bicycles. But for the victor there is glory, immortality and a place in history amongst the giants of the road.

Since 1896, the greatest bike racers on earth have come to test their very souls in this brutal and beautiful spectacle".

CBS Sports - John Tesh 1987

As I embark on my pilgrimage to the Arenberg forest later this year, I have yet another great memory from which to draw from.

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