I find Bradley Wiggins determination to be at the ideal "Tour de France" weight a fascinating read. He takes the approach of what many are doing now to win a "grand tour."

He says he was climbing fairly well in the 2007 Tour, but not a contender. He decided to drop his weight and lost seven kilos since then: 78 to 71. It's taken nine months, in little increments, without any sort of crash diet. He has had regular check-ups with Nigel Mitchell, his nutritionist, to make sure he's nly burning fat, not any muscle. He was at 4% body fat, which is just at the point where you begin to burn muscle because there's nothing else left. What did this mean for the 2009 Tour ?? He was carrying the equivalent of six bags of sugar less up a mountain in comparing his 2007 to 2009 Tour weight. Unfortunately the sport of cycling in Grand Tours nowadays, commands a "skeletal" lightness for doing well in the mountains. It's about muscular and cardiovascular efficiency. If you can produce the same wattage at a lower weight, you will be faster.

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