Losing the last 10-12 lbs is hard!!

In the world of cycling, the more weight you carry, the less successful results you will have. So dieting and weight loss have been crucial to my cycling comeback. I find losing weight the most difficult task so far. As a bare minimum, 6 hours riding per week with proper dieting alone, is hard enough. I often asked why is it taking months to reduce my size ? Simple, my age (40 years old) , my schedule, and a slowing metabolism.

I am now down to losing another 10-12lbs and I'm really finding it difficult. I am shocked at how slow my metabolism has gotten at my age of 40 ? Its actually quite demoralizing at times. One or two bad meals in a week/weekend and I feel the gain and it does set me back. I can't believe how strict I have to be?? Last week's weigh in just killed me as I gained 1.0lbs instead of losing. It was due to poor eating weekends, of which now I have officially stopped. I was tremendously demoralized and still am to a certain degree.

I have made it quite far thanks to the help of my wife. I have made considerable strides in my diet and with training. I can say that I am in the best ENDURANCE shape I've been in, in the last 10 years. But to reach my goal, these last 10-12lbs is really an uphill battle. I have cut out a lot of sugary juices and fatty foods. I now only eat rice pasta, and more rice based foods along with a lot more rice. I am constantly reading about professional cyclists diets and try to adapt them into my own life. Again, NOT EASY !!! I have adopted the "bland and boring" world of foods! Thanks Dr. Allen Lim! I'm trying to get my body to adjust to less calories and its extremely difficult. Its this phase of learning to live with less calories that extremely difficult. Its what most people trying to lose weight cannot do.

I wish I could find something to suppress my hunger or curb my appetite. After lunch I'm hungry ??? After dinner I'm still hungry??? I go to bed hungry???? Do you have any idea how awful it is going to bed with a grumbling stomach???? But learning to live with less calories is what its going to take.

But this is what it takes folks! DO NOT KID YOURSELF !! I yearn for my system to adjust, but its just taking soooo long to get results. I've never had done anything so difficult in my sporting life before. I am aware once I get down to the size I want, it will be slightly easier and less regimented to maintain, but its the current process of reducing, to get there, that is so tough. So like the rest of the cyclists out there going to bed hungry with grumbling tummies, I know how you feel.

“Learning to live with less ,” Hmmm ? Sounds like a metaphor for life no ?

Onto next month's weigh in..

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