Henri from La Bicicletta Up Close w Team BMC

I'm always amazed at how our sport of cycling caters to the fans. VIP status in Cycling is way better than in any VIP status in F1. Henri from LaBicicletta was Team BMC's special guest for the 2011 Tour de France. How more epic can a trip be ? A special guest to the overall winner of the Tour ??? Wow ? It really doesn't get much better than this. I just had to blog about it, as its so rare I know somebody who actually gets this close with not only the professional peloton, but the winning team in the sports biggest race! To actually hold the race winning TT bike ? To have wine with team in the after party is quite the privilege. I'm glad Henri has shared his insight into the 2011 BMC Tour de France trip. I guess we'll be seeing a lot BMC through the aisles of la bicicletta ?

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