A lot of miles on my Kurt Kinetic Trainer

At this point in my cycling comeback, I can't believe how "time crunched" I am ? Even during the summer months, I've spent most of my time riding indoors. I'd say 80% of the summer has been riding indoors. :-( I didn't plan it this way but my schedule and my location do not allow me to enjoy cycling outdoors as much as I'd like to. I prefer riding on country roads as opposed to the city. So during the work week, getting home and trying to get out to those beloved country roads are close to impossible. I live and work just above the city core and commuting on a bike is simply too dangerous. I tried it and riding in a busy metropolis is not fun due to how poorly people drive in my city. I"m sure I'm not alone as there must me a lot of you "time crunched cyclists" out there. I just thank my luck stars for my Kurt Kinetic trainer as its the one item in my cycling aresenal that has gotten the most use. Kudos to Pam and the team at Kinetic as I've logged A LOT of miles on this thing, and it hasn't showed me any sign of breaking or cracking.

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