The Stelvio Pass is calling

Passo dello Stelvio aka Stelvio Pass is calling

As many know, I'm more partial to Italy than France when it comes to grand tours and cycling. You can read that in previous blog posts. The late great Fausto Coppi made it famous for his battle during his tenure at the Giro that they dubbed this climb "Coppi Peak." During World War I the road was built to link Austria to Italy and supposedly, you can still get a glimpse of the trenches that were dug during this time. The only downside is that due to its iconic status its quite popular with cyclist, motorcyclists and cars. I will be tackling it from the North West side for sure. The Stelvio is Italy's answer to France's A'lpe D'Huez. I hope my 34 x chain ring will allow me to dance on the pedals like Contador in the ascent through the 48 hairpin turns.

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