My Rapha bib shorts are simply the best!

All my winter cycling clothing is Rapha, (classic softshell, winter jerseys, tights, base layers) but my summer clothing has been a mismatch of vendors. Well that is now going to change due to my recent purchase. I know its late in the season to be thinking about Rapha jerseys and Rapha shorts but after I pick up a Rapha jersey, I'll be in soley Rapha gear all season long. :-)

Last year I purchased a pair of Sugoi bib shorts which turned out to be not only the "ugliest" shorts on the planet, but the fit and comfort were not even close to Rapha's bib shorts. The salesman at the time, said that Sugoi's were pretty much same, maybe better due to their channeling synthetic chamois, blah, blah, blah. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Bottom line, the Sugoi's are "horrible" compared to my new Rapha Team Issue Bib Shorts.

Rapha's bib shorts are by far the best cycling shorts I've ever worn. Throughout the years, I wore many shorts, and thought "bib shorts are pretty much all the same" and thought they only differed in the chamois area. Wrong !!!

Rapha have once again raised the bar high. I have worn the usual team kits and you get used to that typical "lycra feel" and weight. But the Rapha shorts were much thinner, and had this softer smoother material that hugged my legs much better and felt literally like a second skin.

As for the padding in the crotch area, there is soOOOOO much more comfort. I had no discomfort on a recent 2 hour ride. There is almost a feeling of "too much" padding down there ? The bib straps hold everything in place and there was really no reason to shift "one's package" or make adjustments if you know what i mean :-) Regardless of my position on the saddle, further forward or further back, the chamois padding was prevalent.

Overall, Rapha have once again, raised the bar very high. I honestly did not think they would be that much more comfortable, but they are. There a dramatically better than any of those typical lycra kits. I just wish I could have bought them a season earlier.

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