New Trends of the Pro Peloton.

Cycling has always been on the cutting edge of aerodynamics. I remember when Scott USA invested huge amounts of aero time into Greg LeMond's setup during his racing tenure. Greg always tended to raise eyebrows with his radical handlebar setup. Its this constant pursuit of optimizing efficiency mentality , which continues to evolve equipment in our great sport of cycling.

This past weekend I watched the world championship men's elite race. I could not help but notice some "efficiency equipment" trends that may become quite prevalent for 2012. I just hope it doesn't mushroom like the splurge of the white shoe craze.

I noticed that Mark Cavendish wore a plastic cover on his helmet ? I also noticed that the British team all wore skinsuits ? I also noticed that certain guys, were wearing booties? I'm sure at this level of aerodynamic wind tunnel testing, there is surely justification. And we know how the pros are, every little aero advantage they can get, is tried.

Helmets can usually make, as much difference as a front aero wheel. Skinsuits and booties although less gain, will no doubt offer some sort of aero advantage on windy days. Again, at this level, these minor subtleties can mean winning vs losing. More interestingly, helmet aero tests have indicated that covering the front vents gains a great deal compared to a front-vented helmet.I'm sure the technicians who run the numbers can justify the changes. It becomes clear that little things like a speedsuit and aero helmet on windy courses, or windy stages, can actually make a large enough difference over the course of the race.

There you have it, some new trends of the 2012 peloton.

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