2010 Lance on Diet & Training

I found this piece on Lance discussing diet and training. He looks really "thinned down" almost Wiggo like in 2010. He is spot on however with regards to cyclists and dealing with diet and "power to weight" ratios. I tell everyone the hardest thing about my training, is dealing with my weight. Its what so many people don't understand about the sport. Its also what so many people do not understand about losing weight. Yes, you do have to go to bed hungry some nights!!! Yes, you have to be that disciplined about it. Diet plays a HUGE factor.

@1:39- I love what he says at about "power to weight" ratio. So many people don't understand this
@2:02- "go without meals" - yes we must do so.
@2:43 "go to bed hungry sometimes." - yes we must if we want to improve

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