2011 Vuelta a Espana Stage 17

In my opinion, this was probably one of the most exciting stages to watch all season. Froome vs Cobo. Chris Froome a rider who came outta nowhere showed real guts and determination. Cobo probably digging deeper than he ever had to in his life. Dan Martin reminded me of Claudio Chiappucci climbing. I'm equally impressed with Jurgen Vanden Broeck as he got everything going with his late attacking showing great tenacity. Cobo chases with Froome on his wheel. Oh the crowds going crazy. Froome attacks hard, Cobo hanging on, then it appears Cobo is dropped like Roche getting dropped by Delgado in the 87 tour. But somehow, like some miracle Cobo climbs back ? What could this be true ? Cobo actually recovers, and then near the last few hundred meters, puts Froome in trouble. So then Froome digs deeper and counter attacks, and finally gets the win. Phew! Wow! what a stage ! Bradley who ?

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