The 2012 Giro D'Italia Route

So here we go with another formal presentation of a beautiful race which is always overshadowed by the Tour de france.

The Giro D'Italia is the forever bridesmaid. It saddens me that this great race gets such "second class citizen" status but that is how the world of pro cycling considers it. Its always taken a back to seat to the Tour de france. I feel sorry for the organizers and the people who put their heart and soul into the race ever year, only to see their efforts as second rate. I wish some day they can bring more commercial interest and make it as grand as france's ? Its a tall order but I'm sure they can do it. Or on the other side of the coin, maybe they enjoy having it as the more "playful, romantic" race ?

Out of principle they invite the defending champion, and he publicly admits he won't even ride the race in 2012 and prefers to focus on the tour de france. Sad, sad, sad. The Giro will always be in the shadow of the Tour de France.

Unfortunately this year tour was marred by a death, but the stages were exciting with hill and mountain top finishes. The new organizer wanted to make the Giro "more human." The 2012 edition appears to be two weeks of sprinter stages and mountains in the final week. I don't understand why a rider couldn't use this as a warm up or consider the double ?

The tour de france has the prestige and the commercial popularity, the vuelta is seen as a "climbers' tour" with it endless hills, but the Giro D'italia to me always has the romance.

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