Andy Schleck Documentary - My Tour

I found this documentary on youtube and it was really good. I am a fan of any film / documentary that goes behind the scenes of professional cycling. From seeing Andy shave his legs, to prepare for a colder winter ride with Jakob Fuslang, to his work on his time trialing, was intimate insight into this great cyclist's background. I'll admit, I am an Andy Schleck fan and seeing this documentary made me like him even more but question his DS and team managers' decisions. Unfortunately, I'm watching it after watching the 2011 Tour where he lost the ITT while in the yellow jersey. This documentary made it seem he was working hard on improving his time trialing ? Well if he was, it surely didn't show in 2011 ? Also in the video, I sensed a lack of determination by Kim Andersen and sense of disorganized strategies and workouts. After watching this, I am no longer surprised that Leopard Trek had such a horrendous one year in 2011. Johan Bruyneel will surely turn this ship around. Enjoy the doc.

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