Endras BMW - A dealership of the Information Age.

I feel compelled to write this blog because its rare in today's world to see a dealership so involved in the information age, provide such good customer service and to give much to the sport of cycling.

Hearing the news of an auto dealership sponsor the sport of cycling warms my heart. In today's world of debt crisis' and pending global recessions, one would not expect such a level of commitment. As we know in the sport of the cycling, sponsors come and go like the seasons. However, I am really impressed with Endras' BMW and their commitment to cycling. (La Bicicletta/Jet Fuel Racing/Real Deal Racing Teams) I had the pleasure of attending and riding a Gran Fondo earlier this year, that they helped organize and it exceeded my every expectation.

I was greatly surprised at the generosity and the high level of customer service they gave us. Staff showing up on early on a Sunday morning and going beyond the call of duty to make us feel welcome from the time we arrived to the time we left, was just unbelievable to witness. Kudos or shall I use the European term "Chapeau" to the entire staff at Endras BMW , as you all exemplify great customer service, generosity and passion.

Not only are they a sponsor of cycling, but they appear to be the only dealership I am aware of , who have "woken up" and are "with the times." With this I mean, their degree of social media involvement and their "on line" presence. From their industry first , “iPad Lounge” to the many blog postings, they have truly embraced the information age.

Nowadays, having online presence is crucial to any business, as its how the world works and communicates. Endras BMW understand this as there is not a time where you can send them an email, twitter message or facebook post, and it will not get replied. I don't know of any other dealership who are so progressive in technology. There are true pioneers and are carving a new niche of how customers interact with dealerships. They are leaving those dealerships who are still "pen and paper," in the dust. Kudos to the person or team , who decided to take this route. We are still in the infancy of the information age, but Endras BMW have embraced the technology and are poised to become , if not already , the benchmark of how other dealerships are measured.

So Mr. Endras, I haven't had the pleasure of your acquaintance, but hopefully one day our paths will cross where I can formally shake your hand and say "thank you."
Keep up the great work and I wish you many successful quarters.

Simon Jagassar

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