BMC SLR01 and Impec - My 2 new faves.

I'm more and more impressed with BMC as the years go by. I remember seeing them a few years ago and didn't think too much of that "funny frame" look, but now my viewpoint has changed after researching more into their philosophy.

BMC is headquarted in Grenchen, Switzerland which is not too far away from my favourite watch company. The factory there, have taken a new philosophy towards bicycle manufacturing. The "in house" manufacturing is done by robots. Yes, there are robots making their bikes to the utmost precision and consistency unlike its competitors which are mass produced by Asian workers in a sweat shop in Taiwan.

BMC appear as the pioneers of "the new age" of frame building in cycling. Coming from a traditional Italian mindset, my eyes have been opened up to this new way of manufacturing and thinking. I think they are a serious competitor to the Dogma's, Oltre's and even the Venge's of the world as customer's as myself given the cash, will not hesitate to choose the SLR01 over the Dogma.

I think both the SLR01 and the Impec will become more popular as their bikes enjoy more successes over cobbles, up mountains and through time trials.

BMC is a brand that has grown on me considerably. Often overlooked in the past, but now since their results in the pro peloton tour and the forging of a new direction in production of good quality high end affordable bikes, I situate them in the Focus or maybe above the Focus realm of the cycling world.

The Impec is what happens when BMC takes what they've learned from the SLR01 and combines it with their "in house" tweaks and refinement.

The SLR01 and now the Impec are among my favourites now, if I ever come into some money.

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