Campagnolo - EPS is just plain gorgeous

I've always been a long time fan of Campagnolo. I always yearned to have an Italian frame adorned with Record components. Maybe one day. Last week, they released their competitor to Di2. Only time will tell if its on par or better. The folks over at Bicycling magazine have a different view. They don't seem to think this is the right move for Campy given the current economic times. They don't see the future of Campy staying a float. The article showed a rather bleak existence for Campagnolo in the day and age of mass production in Asia. I personally don't know the current company's situation, but I do know they are hand made in Italy and in Romania. There is nothing "automated nor mass produced" in Vicenza. Its actual workers, sitting and making things by hand. Its always been like that, and I don't see it changing. The article also mentioned that the new kid on the block, SRAM winning the Tour has also put increased pressure on Campagnolo as they haven't seen the podium in many years. It was back in 1998 with Pantani, that Campy has won the Tour. But admist all the doom and gloom from the Bicycling Magazine article, I think of Campy as the Ferrari or Lamborghini of the cycling world. A high end product, catering to high end frames for the high end crowd. So as much as Bicycling Magazine bash Campagnolo, I'd take the Rolex over the Casio any day.

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