Cycling's Hour Record

Cycling's Hour Record;

When cyclists talk about "The hour record," only one man comes to mind for me, Franceso Moser. The hour record is an individual time trial record for the longest distance cycled in one hour on a bicycle. It normally takes place inside a velodrome.

The last record holder on a conventional bicycle frame was Eddy Merckx. He claims that the record should remain as his as he used at the time was a "conventional road frame". However, he did receive the latest innovations for his set up, at the time. And thats what the hour record is, its about, cycling innovation.

Even more interestingly not only the bikes were being tested, but so were the bodies. Back in 1984, Moser was under the guidance of Dr. Conconi who did admit Moser had used blood transfusions, not banned at the time. Wow ? I can't imagine what the record would be like today if PED's were allowed.

Regardless, when anyone mentions the hour record , I don't think of Indurain, Boardman or Obree, I think of Francesco Moser. He truly revolutionized bicycle engineering, aerodynamic design and performance enhancing methods.

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