A Riser Block made all the difference

A Riser Block made all the difference

As the title states, to my amazement, a CycleOps riser block made all the difference in my indoor trainer set up. I think I've finally found my perfect indoor training setup for this 2011 off season. I had been using the Cyclops Jet Fluid Pro without the riser block for the front wheel for aobut 3 weeks now and found it unstable especially for out of the saddle "jumping" and "sprinting" intervals. I've been using a mixture of books and pieces of wood. Now since I've added the riser block I am amazed at how much more stability I have ? All the difference in the world from a stupid piece of plastic ? who knew ? I did not think the riser block would make such a difference but its a huge improvement.

Riding in or out of the saddle now feels even moreso like being on the road. Of course the jet fluid roller helps that process as well. I'm really content now with my indoor setup. It makes me want to ride indoors more often. As well, I feel a lot more comfortable transporting my indoor setup anywhere so I don't miss a ride. That is one huge improvement I find my Jet Fluid Pro has over my KK Road Machine, portability. So when I'm camping, at the cottage, or at a relatives house for a sleep over, packing up my Jet Fluid Pro is simple and easy. Its takes seconds to attach my bike to the jet fluid pro, and off I go, never missing a ride.

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