Thinking about the 2010 Tour de France;

Why you ask ? Because this past week will decide its winner. Alberto Contador's hearing and WADA case has been completed and the verdict will be announced January 2012. If found guilty, the 2010 winner becomes Andy Schleck. So that is why I'm thinking about that controversial stage also known as "chain gate."

Here's a recap of what happened.

At 0:04 there is full frontal shot of Andy in flight, Vino in pursuit and AC in pursuit (left hand side of picture). Andy's chain is still on (doesn't come off until 0:09). So, AC didn't attack after Andys chain was off. What he didn't do was stop his response to Andy's attack.

Mechanical or operator error on Andy's behalf, either way AC did not have to wait. That'd be equivalent to halting a formula 1 race because someone blows their gear train or stopping a soccer match because a player has to tie their shoes. Ridiculous. Its Saxo's responsibility to keep bikes in order and Andy's responsibility to use that bike properly. Bit of a shame that this turned out to be a decisive incident in tour but either way AC won fair and square.

In battle, if you pull your sword and drop it, you die.

And this is the "chain gate" debate. Should Contador have waited ? Will Contador lose his title to Andy through the courts ? Will Andy have his 1st tour victory through the courts ? January 2012 all questions will be answered.

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