Rapha Condor Sharp - Behind the Scenes

A partial behind the scenes look at the Rapha Condor Sharp 2011 team during a race. Interesting mix of powder, water and coke given to the riders by their soigneur. Gonna try that.

Lincoln GP 2011 - Rapha Condor Sharp - Chasing the Team from Condor Cycles on Vimeo.

Rapha Vid

I can't imagine how beautiful , spectacular and tranquil it must have been for the Rapha riders cresting the summit. Wow!

Galibier – Who Are You? from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Cycling in the Como Region.

Tour of Lombardy and Lake Como Italy. Thomson Bike Tours from lukazfilms on Vimeo.

Bella Lake Como

Lake Como from Matt Daly on Vimeo.

Bella Toscano

If you love Italy half of much as I do, then you'll enjoy this video.

Bella Toscana from Gunther Machu on Vimeo.

A Great Video of Venezia

Around Venezia from Icam on Vimeo.

Juan Antonio Flecha winter training back in the day.

I don't know if this was a wise move ? Looks like no traction and little visibility. I think an indoor trainer would have provided a better workout ?

Cervelo sold to Dutch conglomerate PON

This came at a surprise, but Cervelo have been taken over by PON. PON, a Dutch company, owns, 40 percent of the Dutch auto leasing market. In striking this financing deal, Cervelo inserts PON as a replacement for an existing finance partner. The Dutch company is also familiar with the bicycle market. It owns Derby Cycle AG, the parent company of Raleigh Bicycles. Under the Derby umbrella PON owns, among others, the bike brands Raleigh and Focus. PON separately acquired Dutch bike brand Gazelle. None of these brands PON now owns sport a headbadge equal in polish to Cervelo. While Raleigh was a well-respected pro bike brand in ages past, and Focus has endeavored to become one, Cervelo would certainly be the jewel in the crown, if high-end is the metric. There are many fearing that a PON ownership would mean a dumbing down of the brand, it's extremely unlikely that PON would downscale what would be the "Porsche" among the bicycle brands they would now own. The PON company understands the multi-tiered strategy, having a long history selling the sorts of German cars that form these tiers: Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche.

Greg LeMond 1989 Tour de France

This is one of the greatest photos I've seen since that historic day back in '89. I believe this day, Greg LeMond changed cycling forever. It was the first day anyone seen these funny triathlete's handlebars used in the tour. Lemond had done the work to prepare his bike for the race against the clock. He had done wind-tunnel testing and perfected his riding position. He used an aerodynamic helmet, in a time when most racers didn't ever wear a helmet, along with an aerodynamic bike that had a disc rear wheel. He had beaten an overly confident Fignon who shunned the modern technology available to him and left his famous ponytail flapping in the wind along with his hopes of a third yellow jersey. In the most dramatic final day in Tour history, LeMond gave his all and took 58 seconds off the race leader to win his second yellow jersey by the narrowest of margins. No one thought that he would be able to gain enough time in the 24.5 km. He pushed a gear of 54 x 12 to a Tour de France time trial record average speed of 54.545 kmh

2011 Tour de France Galibier Stage - Nice photo

2012 TIME bike - Hotness !

2012 Katusha's Focus.. Hotness !


The House that Todd Built

As I sit here and write this, I have a hollow empty feeling inside. It is a day that will change my life forever. Out of the blue today, my co-worker , long time colleague, and good friend announced his resignation today. Due to his signing with a competitor, he has to leave immediately instead of the normal two weeks notice. I sit here utterly gutted and tremendously saddened. I will miss him dearly. The thought of no more morning rituals, no more morning emails, no more comical "guy talk," has left me sad and depressed. I feel all alone here at work now as he was the only one I trusted, the only one I could bounce ideas off of. He was my confidant. He kept a comical way about him. Our day to day banter was what sit-coms were made of. He kept my sanity when things got rough. He supported me when others didn't. When you work this closely as we did, on a daily basis Monday to Friday, you can not help but develop a tight bond. We had built a rapport not only on the job, but in the hockey dressing room and on the ice as well. He was more than co-worker. He was my friend. Our bond grew stronger as the years went by as he was the smartest, and most trustworthy out of our fledgling team. I will certainly feel his abscence more than the others. I miss my co-worker and my friend Todd Heaney.

Colnago-CSF Bardiani 2012 Bike.

Italian-based continental outfit Colnago-CSF Bardiani has revealed its bike for 2012. And boy is it hot ! Colnago w Campy is just wow !

Interesting tidbit about Team Sky's 2011 Vuelta a Espana

Sky’s gear choice on the Angliru 2011

In this past year's Vuelta a España, I've learned an interesting story on the famed Angliru climb about Team Sky getting it wrong ? Its a climb that is steeper than the Zoncolan ? Possibly steeper @ 23 percent in some parts. When it came to gearing for the climb up the Angliru, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome struggled with overgearing.

Part of this was due to a lack of preparation, and part of it was due to equipment choices by two of its top riders, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome. The team’s use of Osymetric chainrings made it impossible to achieve gearing similar to stage (and eventual overall) winner Juanjo Cobo. Cobo rode a 34×32 (28.3 gear inches) setup, and while both Froome and Wiggins also rode a 32-tooth cog, they matched it with a 38-tooth chainring. The resulting 31.6 gear inches wasn’t quite low enough for the British pair.

Because of the exaggerated shape of the Osymetric rings, the smallest size that will fit on a
110mm (compact) crank is 38. At top dead center, Osymetric claims its 38 feels like a 35, but
between 1 and 5 o’clock it feels more like a 41-tooth ring.

Behind the Scences of HTC-Highroad Mechanics

The Mechanic Diaries from BrakeThrough Media on Vimeo.

A great vid on Garmin Cervelo and our great sport.


The Coolest Commercial I've seen in a while

This is one of the coolest concepts I've seen in a long time. Instead of these ridiculous "flash mobs" I'd like see a trend in these "Night Bikes" continue to grow.

A Dogma w Campy EPS wow !

I would love to have this ! Super hot bike.

A Smoking Hot S-Works !

This gents bike is just off the hook!

Saxobank-Sungard Training Camp displaying new Danish Talent

Riis plans towards future by bringing five Danish amateurs to training camp

I really like this move by Bjarne. It gives the young guys a chance to see how the big boys ride and see where they stack up. And you never know, it could produce some surprises ? I like this approach for the other reason that the young guys are hungrier than the pros, so they may prove greater support for Contador for the GT's ? Of course if they have the miles in their legs ?

The young charges come from 3 teams, Glud & Marstrand LRØ continental team, Team TRE-FOR and Team Concordia Forsikring

Michael Valgren Andersen
Nicki Østergaard
Jesper Hansen
Asbjørn Kragh Andersen
Nicola Aistrup

So keep your eye on these young Danish chargers as some day you might hear their names more frequently.


Galaxy Nexus will be the one for me !

My first attempt in the world of Android was a complete bust when I used the Samsung Galaxy S II. However, after using a Galaxy Vibrant S and carefully testing Gingerbread, along with getting used to the Android world as a whole, I think the Galaxy Nexus with ice cream sandwich is going to make my 3rd attempt at Android, a permanent one. I am very excited about this phone.

Contador can pull off the win in 2012.

Contador can pull off the win in 2012.

I still believe Contador can beat the likes of Cadel, Wiggins and the Schlecks in next year's tour. I think Bjarne having one solo leader among virtual nobody domestiques, really helps the squad as opposed to the what the other big teams have done.

I know its way too early to tell, but so far I think if Contador is cleared of his CAS charges, he'll be the favourite going into the tour. I think Team Sky will have spread themselves too thin to support both Cavendish on the flats and Wiggins in the mountains.

As much as I love Johan Bruyneel, I think the time trialing will once again be the factor in Andy's downfall and he may have to settle for a Giro win if he rides it and ramp up for the 2013 tour.

If Contador is fresh, I don't think Cadel will be able to hold his attacks in the mountains. As well, Alberto can time trial, so Cadel won't be able to make up time in that manner either.

Again, its way too early to predict. Come the Tour du Suisse and the Dauphine , will we have a real indication of who's on form or not. I just can't wait to get there already!

Bruyneelism Pt. 3

Johan on the sport of professional cycling as a business and of the UCI; I tend to agree with him on this.

"I think professional sports have reached a level that has come to the point of sporting events being a business. And I see that cycling is quite a bit behind, compared to other successful sports, and that’s probably due to the nature of our sport. We have certain limitations: we don’t own stadiums, we run cycling on the road, cycling is for free, which is also the beauty of the sport. But if I look at the evolution of other sports, and how popular they are, and I look at cycling and see how we are struggling, that we are advancing by baby steps and struggling, I think there are other ways professional cycling can be organised.

I’m not talking about breaking away; a breakaway league is something that was named by the UCI itself. But I think there should definitely be talks about new initiatives and implicating all the main parties. Just now it’s basically one organisation dictating everything, and everybody has to follow everything they say. So, if it was up to me, I’d like to see these things change, but I’m just me so it will probably never happen. It’s very simple, I’m talking from my perspective and about “professional” cycling. Let’s specify that because cycling as a whole is very complex and there are a lot of different categories and other disciplines. There is BMX, woman’s cycling, there’s all kinds of cycling. But professional road cycling is something that should be seen as a separate entity within the UCI. I think the UCI is definitely an organisation that has shown that they are the organising body that can rule the sport, so they should rule professional cycling.

The business aspect of the sport should be done differently. There are a lot of different ideas about that, but it’s very simple. If you see how we are struggling to find sponsorship year after year and how we are being challenged about renewing sponsors, it’s because at the end what do we have to offer? We don’t have a lot more to offer than what’s on the calendar, races like the Tour de France is all very good, but it could be a lot better. I think we should start to see professional teams as franchises that can survive for a lot of year like you have in football. You have (I know more about Spanish football) Madrid, Barcelona and all those strong clubs around Europe. "

Bruyneelism Pt. 2

"2011 was everybody against Fabian, and everybody against Leopard, so it was difficult."

Bruyneelism Pt. 1

"In general, change is something that frightens people, you get out of your
little comfort zone, but I think change is good. If you keep doing the same
thing for years and years, you keep getting the same result. If you don’t
try anything new, you won’t get any better"

Rapha saved my butt again !

Rapha saved my butt again in the literal sense this time, as their Chamois cream helped me heal a current rash of saddle sores. It goes on a little thinner than other brands, and makes it prescence known in a more subtle less "cold" manner. But still gives the protection you need. As well, unlike all the brands I've tried, Rapha's has a fantastic aroma. Smells of rosemary or pine. So the next time you finger paint your bibs, you may want to do it Rapha Style ?

Premium Rush Trailer - Won't be doing us cyclists any favours

Premium Rush looks like the combination of QuickSilver and the Transporter. Unfortunately, it looks like it won't be doing cyclists nor couriers any favours. It may spawn a bunch of "wannabe's" similar to what Fast n Furious did with the after market sport compact scene.

Cervelo BTP - Giro D'Italia

Oh how I miss BTP films !

Inside Team BMC - 2011 TTT

Inside Team BMC - Stage 2 Tour de France Team Time Trial 2011

Team Astana's Team Time Trial during the 2011 Tour

Interesting Video on Team Astana during the 2011 Tour


Colombian cycling back on the rise. Lucho must be proud!

Colombian cycling back on the rise.

Almost three full decades after Colombian riders started their eighties blitz on the Tour de France, beginning a time when riders such as Lucho Herrera and Fabio Parra were amongst the most feared climbers in the sport, the country has moved a step closer to fielding another team in Grand Tours. The Colombia Coldeportes Pro Continental team is a full colombian team including former Tour de France yellow jersey wearer Victor Hugo Peña and the 2008 under 23 world road race champion Fabio Duarte. The sponsored bikes are from Bianchi and I really like the colour scheme reflecting the country's flag. Its very tastefully done. Too bad they didn't have the budget for the Oltre's, but still a nice choice.

Rapha Focus Boys in Action

Very cool shot of the Rapha Focus boys in action.

The Specialized-Lululemon Women's pro team 2012

The Specialized-Lululemon Women's pro team has officially been unveiled. Team owner Kristy Scrymgeour (left) talks about the team's goals for 2012 with riders (l-r) Chloe Hosking of New Zealand, Canadian champ Clara Hughes, and American Amber Neben. Unfortunately, they have one of the ugliest kits (unlike Lululemon) I've seen in a long time.


Pedala con i Campioni - Ride with Champions

Pedala con i Campioni - Ride with Champions

Brinzio, Varese, a region about 1 hour west of Como held their annual Ride with Champions day. "Pedala con i Campioni." Two thousand cyclists got a chance to ride with the likes of Ivan Basso, Oscar Freire Gomez, Luca Paolini, Giorgia Bronzini, Noemi Cantele , Valentina Carretta, Fabio Felline, Massimo Codol, Edoardo Girardi, Luca Zanasca, and Roberto Damiani. This was the 12th edition of this ride. Its held every December 8. Its a casual 45km ride that takes the riders through a beautiful backdrop of northern italian roads. Afterwards, autograph signing and photos opps were available. Overall, it looked like a chilly Gran Fondo ride, but its a little more specific in that its specifically for "giving back" to the local Italian Cycling Clubs. Its great to see the pros give back to the local italian cycling clubs. I wonder if bicisport from Lenno participated ?


Remembering that epic day in 1988 Gavia Pass

Never saw the base of the climb on that epic day. Love this photo.

Contador wins Night Criterium in Jerusalem

The Johan Bruyneel era for the Schlecks

I'm sure fittings like this are a little more intense now, and take on a completely new dimension since they boyz are under the tutiledge of Johan Bruyneel. Without a doubt, Johan will bring his former "F1" project expertise and shed a few lbs of the bike and improve positioning with engineers.

The Road Uphill - Andy and Franck Schleck documentary

I can't wait for this film to be released. A definite motivator during our off season. Enjoy the trailer.


The Bruyneel Era has begun for Andy.

Andy has been riding with a fixed gear (44x16) for several weeks. He explains: "It's not easy to get back to a normal bike after that. But a fixed gear is a good way to find a smooth pedaling. I hadn't done this since being in the junior ranks..." And this idea was imposed to him by Johan Bruyneel, in order to improve his ITT skills.

I am fascinated watching and reading about how Johan Bruyneel transforms Andy into a tour winner for 2012.


Paul Kimmage - A Rough Ride Book Review

A Rough Ride tells the story of Kimmage’s foray into competitive cycling. Kimmage makes it fairly clear that the use of performance enhancing drugs was pretty widespread in professional cycling. Tell me something I don't already know ? Its just that his view stems from a "jealous domestique" aspect rather than a "consumate professional"

Kimmage was an irish unknown cyclist always in the shadows of Stephen Roche and Sean Kelly.

After reading this book, I think Kimmage is a coward and a loser, who wants the reader to pity him. I got so tired of hearing how down on himself he was, his lack of confidence.
poor work ethic, and negative spin on everything involving cycling. It sickened me to read of his whining about having to train all the time. Dude ? You're a professional cyclist not wanting to put in the time ? Get out of the sport man !

It was sickening to read his book. He was deplorable professional. I think whomever made him a pro made a huge mistake.

Heath saves my butt again!

Heath saves my butt again!
(For all you experiencing saddle sores when riding indoors)

Yes as the title says, Heath Cockburn from LaBicicletta saved my butt once again. I was experiencing some medium to severe saddle sores as a result of riding indoors this off season. I was struggling for weeks and decided to ask Heath about it. He instantly knew the problem was the bike/trainer setup were not on a level surface. He took a few minutes and showed me using a flat level of where to take measurements. That same night, I did exactly what he said and noticed I was riding the trainer on a non level surface. Solved!

I took out my box level and re-adjusted my bicycle's position on the trainer and did a few more measurements, to ensure everything was level, and voila, I can easily stay on the trainer for 2 hours now with little to no saddle soring.

So for anyone experiencing saddle sores, check your trainer setup and ensure the bike and trainer are both 100% level.

As I had finished my first ride on my new setup, I am in disbelief and amazement as Heath's brilliance shown through once again. I think NASA will probably one day ask him to fit astronauts for a MARS mission :-)


Grewal Comeback Over - No Money !

Grewal Comeback over - Lack of Funds

I'm not surprised as MONEY is everything in professional sport. (just ask Steve Bauer and his pursuit w spidertech) Without it, you're going NOWHERE.. Proves my point once again, if you don't have $$$, you can't do shit in cycling.

Grewal Comeback Over