Cervelo sold to Dutch conglomerate PON

This came at a surprise, but Cervelo have been taken over by PON. PON, a Dutch company, owns, 40 percent of the Dutch auto leasing market. In striking this financing deal, Cervelo inserts PON as a replacement for an existing finance partner. The Dutch company is also familiar with the bicycle market. It owns Derby Cycle AG, the parent company of Raleigh Bicycles. Under the Derby umbrella PON owns, among others, the bike brands Raleigh and Focus. PON separately acquired Dutch bike brand Gazelle. None of these brands PON now owns sport a headbadge equal in polish to Cervelo. While Raleigh was a well-respected pro bike brand in ages past, and Focus has endeavored to become one, Cervelo would certainly be the jewel in the crown, if high-end is the metric. There are many fearing that a PON ownership would mean a dumbing down of the brand, it's extremely unlikely that PON would downscale what would be the "Porsche" among the bicycle brands they would now own. The PON company understands the multi-tiered strategy, having a long history selling the sorts of German cars that form these tiers: Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche.

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