Greg LeMond 1989 Tour de France

This is one of the greatest photos I've seen since that historic day back in '89. I believe this day, Greg LeMond changed cycling forever. It was the first day anyone seen these funny triathlete's handlebars used in the tour. Lemond had done the work to prepare his bike for the race against the clock. He had done wind-tunnel testing and perfected his riding position. He used an aerodynamic helmet, in a time when most racers didn't ever wear a helmet, along with an aerodynamic bike that had a disc rear wheel. He had beaten an overly confident Fignon who shunned the modern technology available to him and left his famous ponytail flapping in the wind along with his hopes of a third yellow jersey. In the most dramatic final day in Tour history, LeMond gave his all and took 58 seconds off the race leader to win his second yellow jersey by the narrowest of margins. No one thought that he would be able to gain enough time in the 24.5 km. He pushed a gear of 54 x 12 to a Tour de France time trial record average speed of 54.545 kmh

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