Heath saves my butt again!

Heath saves my butt again!
(For all you experiencing saddle sores when riding indoors)

Yes as the title says, Heath Cockburn from LaBicicletta saved my butt once again. I was experiencing some medium to severe saddle sores as a result of riding indoors this off season. I was struggling for weeks and decided to ask Heath about it. He instantly knew the problem was the bike/trainer setup were not on a level surface. He took a few minutes and showed me using a flat level of where to take measurements. That same night, I did exactly what he said and noticed I was riding the trainer on a non level surface. Solved!

I took out my box level and re-adjusted my bicycle's position on the trainer and did a few more measurements, to ensure everything was level, and voila, I can easily stay on the trainer for 2 hours now with little to no saddle soring.

So for anyone experiencing saddle sores, check your trainer setup and ensure the bike and trainer are both 100% level.

As I had finished my first ride on my new setup, I am in disbelief and amazement as Heath's brilliance shown through once again. I think NASA will probably one day ask him to fit astronauts for a MARS mission :-)

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