The House that Todd Built

As I sit here and write this, I have a hollow empty feeling inside. It is a day that will change my life forever. Out of the blue today, my co-worker , long time colleague, and good friend announced his resignation today. Due to his signing with a competitor, he has to leave immediately instead of the normal two weeks notice. I sit here utterly gutted and tremendously saddened. I will miss him dearly. The thought of no more morning rituals, no more morning emails, no more comical "guy talk," has left me sad and depressed. I feel all alone here at work now as he was the only one I trusted, the only one I could bounce ideas off of. He was my confidant. He kept a comical way about him. Our day to day banter was what sit-coms were made of. He kept my sanity when things got rough. He supported me when others didn't. When you work this closely as we did, on a daily basis Monday to Friday, you can not help but develop a tight bond. We had built a rapport not only on the job, but in the hockey dressing room and on the ice as well. He was more than co-worker. He was my friend. Our bond grew stronger as the years went by as he was the smartest, and most trustworthy out of our fledgling team. I will certainly feel his abscence more than the others. I miss my co-worker and my friend Todd Heaney.

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