Paul Kimmage - A Rough Ride Book Review

A Rough Ride tells the story of Kimmage’s foray into competitive cycling. Kimmage makes it fairly clear that the use of performance enhancing drugs was pretty widespread in professional cycling. Tell me something I don't already know ? Its just that his view stems from a "jealous domestique" aspect rather than a "consumate professional"

Kimmage was an irish unknown cyclist always in the shadows of Stephen Roche and Sean Kelly.

After reading this book, I think Kimmage is a coward and a loser, who wants the reader to pity him. I got so tired of hearing how down on himself he was, his lack of confidence.
poor work ethic, and negative spin on everything involving cycling. It sickened me to read of his whining about having to train all the time. Dude ? You're a professional cyclist not wanting to put in the time ? Get out of the sport man !

It was sickening to read his book. He was deplorable professional. I think whomever made him a pro made a huge mistake.

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